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COFFEE CRISP, 4x50g, Multipack


● A unique combination of crispy wafer thin chocolatey coating and subtle coffee aroma
● Pack of 4 bars
● No artificial flavours
● Makes a nice light snack
● Uniquely Canadian for over 75 years

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From the manufacturer

Coffee Crisp

Refresh your taste buds with a Coffee Crisp. The harmonious blend of crispy wafer, thin chocolatey coating, and subtle coffee aroma, makes for a nice, light snack. Not too heavy, not too sweet–perfectly balanced.

Features and Benefits

– We put tremendous effort into ensuring they’re made using quality ingredients sourced in a responsible way.

– Coffee Crisp is filled with alternating layers of vanilla wafer and delicious coffee cream covered with an outer layer of chocolatey goodness.

– Includes 4 bars to share with friends or loved ones. Things are always better when you share.


  • Sugar, Wheat Flour, Modified Milk Ingredients,Palm Oil, Modified Palm and Vegetable Oils, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Soy Lecithin, Coffee, Cocoa, Baking Soda, Yeast, Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate, Natural Flavours